Winter Plant Concrete Batch Plant

Capacity: 20-30M3 per hour
Volume: 1800 L (gross) – 1200 L (net)
Water Tank: 1500 L
Load Cells: 3 x 5000 KG

Winter Plant Brochure

Produce Concrete Anytime - Even In Cold Weather

This semi-mobile winter plant mixes concrete at temperatures as low as minus 40 °C without compromising on quality and performance. The plant doses more than 100 kg/sec. and produces 1100-1200 litres of concrete per batch. This makes it one of the most efficient plants on the market.

The plant is insulated with plates with 100 mm PU insulation and is connected to an external steam generator. The steam generator heats up the pan mixer and the aggregates in the hoppers to 70 degrees and keeps a constant temperature in the cabin. An integrated service corridor along the plant coupled with the possibility of supervising all processes from inside means that the staff only rarely has to go outside.

Built on a robust steel frame, the winter plant can be transported frequently even over large distances and on poor roads. It has been designed to be used in remote or difficult to access areas just as easily as in urban centres, using water either from a city source or from freshwater lakes.

The standard winter plant is delivered with an 1800 litre pan mixer, a 1500 litre water tank, two additive pumps, an air compressor, a high-pressure cleaner and a pipe system for steam. It is also prepared for connection to a power generator, additional hoppers for aggregates, cement silos etc.

Our winter plant is a profitable investment which will soon pay for itself and return a profit. All wearing parts are produced in robust materials and can be replaced separately with the use of ordinary tools like screwdrivers and adjustable spanners, thus minimises operating costs and downtime.

Smart Design

Produce concrete anywhere at anytime throughout the year:

  • remote locations too far from ready-mix plants
  • on hard to access job sites
  • in busy urban centres where traffic and accessibility make delivery difficult


The Winter Plant is designed to integrate with:

  • heated, insulated, covered conveyor belt
  • cement silos
  • big bag silos
  • cement augers
  • and more