M2200 Mobile Concrete Batch Plant

Capacity: 25-45M3 per hour
Volume: 2200L (gross) – 1500L (net)
Water Tank: 500L
Load Cells: 3 x 5000KG

M2200 Brochure

Produce high quality concrete - wherever and whenever you need it.

The M2200 mobile batch plant is built on a joint triple axle bogie trailer with a turnable front axle. This concrete plant allows for flexibility in set up on site both above ground and under ground. With a production capacity of 24-45M3 per hour (45-60M3 for stiff mix concrete), the M2200 does not compromise on accuracy or quality. The userfriendly computerized operating system has a dosing accuracy of +/- 1-2%.

Options Available
Enlarged silo sides for hoppers
Integrated hopper for one type of aggregate
Additional hopper for aggregates
Pre-weighing of cement
Additional water pump
Water heater
Additional additive pump
Air compressor
Remote control


  • Agitator pan mixer
  • 2 integrated twin hoppers for 2 x 2 types of aggregate
  • 2 x 2 separate feed belts
  • Water supply
  • Load cells
  • Computerize operating system for accurate recipe dosing

Produce Concrete Anywhere

  • at remote locations
  • on hard to access job sites such as islands
  • in busy urban centres where traffic and accessibility make delivery difficult


Customize your plant to meet your exact needs with the addition of:

  • cement silo and additional hoppers
  • additive pumps and vibrators
  • conveyor belts
  • and more…