CUBE Portable Concrete Batch Plant

1.15 m3 Drum Capacity
Integrated Conveyor Loader

CUBE Concrete Mixer Brochure

Produce concrete in small batches, in tight places and in remote locations.

The CUBE Portable Batch Plant is the ideal solution for your small batch concrete needs. Designed to produce up to 1.15 m3 batches, the CUBE is larger than other portable mixers yet compact enough to move using a flatbed truck or small trailer. While on site you can produce your concrete right where you need it - whether in a backyard or on an island - drastically reducing the time required to offload and place the concrete.

On-site batching:

  • eliminates short-load fees and delivery delays
  • reduces labour costs
  • reduces waste
  • reduces the cost per metre of concrete

Complete Batch System

  • Integrated conveyor for loading
  • Integrated water meter
  • Engine and hydraulics for rotating and tilting drum

On Site Production

  • Easy to move from site to site – even remote or difficult to access locations
  • Load using supersacs or with bucket loaders
  • Unload by tilting the drum and reversing the rotating direction
  • Low Maintenance

  • Reliable Honda gas engine
  • Built for rugged use

    Minimal wear parts – easy to source