Concrete Wash Out System

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EWOC – Environmentally Friendly Concrete Washout System

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Increase Safety, Efficiency While Reducing Costs

The EWOC environmentally friendly concrete washout system combines innovation and award-winning design to ensure compliance while reducing costs. Quickly, efficiently and safely clean:

  • concrete truck chutes
  • buckets, buggies, wheelbarrows
  • on-site mixers
  • concrete tools

The EWOC has an integrated hose and pump with a 150 L water storage tank. Hose off tools and equipment on or above the large grate. The rinse water then moves through multiple filters which capture the sediment. The water can be reused for multiple washes.

Two sizes are available, both easily portable to and around work sites. The EWOC Jr is narrow enough to fit through a 30" doorway. It is perfect for institutional and interior renovations as well as construction of multiple storey buildings.