B1200CC Mobile Concrete Batch Plant

Capacity: 12-18M3 per hour
Volume: 1200 L (gross) – 800 L (net)
Water Tank: 250 L
Load Cells: 3 x 2000 KG

B1200CC Brochure

Take control of your concrete supply - wherever and whenever you need it.

Whether you are working in a remote location far from ready-mix plants, on a difficult to access job site or even in the middle of a large urban centre, the B1200CC allows you to control both the timing and the quantity of your concrete production.

  • Eliminate time waiting for deliveries
  • No more short load fees
  • Decrease wastage
  • Increase profitability

The computerized operating system allows you to program your own recipes, automatically adjusting all phases of the production process to ensure accuracy and quality control. It is the best available solution on the market, in regards to flexibility and accuracy. Increased capacity is realized through the pre-weighing of cement powder and faster aggregate loading without compromising performance and efficiency.

Certified Concrete

An independent audit conducted by a Concrete Ontario approved auditing engineer confirmed the B1200 is capable of producing certified concrete even in very small batches. The use of load cells, pre-weighing of cement powder and the computerized control system enable the production of highly accurate concrete recipes.

Produce Concrete Anywhere

  • Produce at a rate of 12-18M3 per hour:

    • at remote locations far from ready-mix plants
    • on hard to access job sites such as islands
    • in busy urban centres where traffic and accessibility make delivery difficult


Customize your plant to meet your exact needs with the addition of:

  • cement silo and additional hoppers
  • additive pumps and vibrators
  • conveyor belts
  • and more…