Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us.

Delcor Building & Consulting Limited o/a Delcor Equipment is committed to protecting your information. This Privacy Policy explains how we will and will not use the information you provide to us through:

Personal Information

As per Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, personal information includes any factual or subjective information, recorded or not, about an identifiable individual. This includes information in any form, such as: age, name, ID numbers, income, ethnic origin, or blood type; opinions, evaluations, comments, social status, or disciplinary actions; and employee files, credit records, loan records, medical records, existence of a dispute between a consumer and a merchant, intentions (for example, to acquire goods or services, or change jobs) Personal information does not include the name, title or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization.

Personal Information We May Collect

During the normal course of business, Delcor Equipment may collect some or all of the following types of personal information:

  • name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and facsimile number
  • occupation
  • the type of vehicle you drive and identifying marks of such
  • your drivers license number, class, and any offenses committed which relate to the license
  • the name of your insurance company, agent, policy number and policy details
  • your date of birth
  • information about family members
  • financial and credit information and history, on you and/or family members as related to our business relationship
  • health information as required for any insurance transactions, and or payroll
  • your social insurance number.

Except for requirements of payroll, provision of your social insurance number is optional. However, you should be aware that most Credit Reporting Agencies use the Social Insurance Number as a unique identifier to ensure proper identification when conducting credit reviews and preparing credit reports. If you do not wish to provide your Social Insurance Number, our ability to obtain a timely and accurate credit report may be affected.

Your Consent

When you choose to enter into a relationship with Delcor Equipment either as a potential customer/customer or as a potential employee/employee or in another manner and interact with Delcor Equipment via any of the means mentioned above, you provide consent expressly, either orally or in writing, or implied where consent may reasonably be inferred from your action or inaction during the normal course of doing business with Delcor Equipment.

Security of Personal Information

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the data we collect about you. Your personal information is used by us only for the purposes identified below. We generally retain the data we collect about you for as long as we believe appropriate for the purposes for which it has been collected or as otherwise required by applicable law. Access to your personal information is limited to those employees of Delcor Equipment on a “need to know” basis. If you have any concerns regarding the security of your personal information with us, please contact our Privacy Officer using the contact information provided at the end of this policy.

Use of Personal Information

Your personal information may be used by us to assist in providing products and services to you, in ways such as (but not limited to):

  • obtaining a credit report or establishing credit worthiness,assist in finding financing for a particular deal,
  • assist us in the collection of our accounts receivable,
  • to assist you in making rental reservations and processing your transactions,
  • to provide you with customer assistance,
  • to contact you for the purpose of marketing.

In the case of an employee relationship we will use the information for payroll purposes, such as tax and benefit allocations. The information we collect may indicate your ability through training or education that you can perform certain functions safely and within guidelines of the department of labour.

We may use and disclose your personal data as we believe appropriate, in compliance with applicable law, to protect our business.  For example, we may share your personal data with credit reporting and fraud checking agencies.  We may also share your data with organizations to enforce the rental agreement and recover any monies due, such as debt collection agencies. In addition, we may share your personal data for legal reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. Cooperating with law enforcement agencies, to identify individuals who may be involved in illegal activities;
  2. Responding to governmental and administrative bodies in relation to charges arising during the rental, such as parking and traffic fines, tolls and congestion charges; and
  3. To comply with applicable law.

We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We may share some or all of your personal information with third parties such as credit reporting agencies, financial institutions or finance companies, your insurance agent or company and companies which provide or insure warranties relating to your equipment. We may also disclose your personal information where we are required or permitted by law to do so.

Limiting Collection or Use of Personal Information

We collect only the amount of Personal Information which we feel is required to complete our business relationship. If you would like to limit our collection, use or disclosure of any information please contact our Privacy Officer in writing.

Access to your Personal Information

You have a right to access the personal information which we have about you, and to request that personal information which you believe to be inaccurate, be corrected. If you wish to access your personal information you should contact our Privacy Officer in writing, who will be pleased to assist you.

Further Questions or Concerns

Should you require further information on our handling of the PIPED (Personal Information and Electronic Documents Act) please contact our Privacy Officer in a manner as described below.

Contact Us

Please address any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy to:

Attn: Privacy Officer
Delcor Equipment
3005 Lakehead Road
Elginburg, ON K0H 1M0
Tel: 613-545-1950
Fax: 613-545-1606

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