Necessity is the mother of invention.

Practical Problem Solving. Innovative Solutions. Collaborative Relationships.

Why we do what we do

Delcor Equipment was born out of necessity. The construction industry, like every industry, is constantly changing. Increased competition along with increases in material and labour costs, health and safety requirements, environmental regulations and more, all require construction companies to pursue new approaches to remain profitable. 

Delcor Equipment’s owner Les Bell, has never been one to be content with the status quo. Throughout his 30+ years working as a general contractor, he continually seeks to overcome existing challenges using innovative products and equipment. While Les has invented several products and processes himself, he doesn’t believe in reinventing the wheel. Instead, under his leadership, Delcor Equipment seeks out existing innovative solutions not readily available, and delivers them to our customers across Canada.

Before Delcor Equipment will add a product to our line we first must answer these questions:

  • Is there an existing cost/efficiency challenge that this product solves?
    • Every product we offer must provide a practical solution to existing problems faced within the industry. 
  • Is there a solid business case for using this product?
    • The achievable benefits from reduced material and labour costs, reduced risk, increased efficiency, increased safey, increased revenue and profit… must outweigh the cost of implementing the solution.
  • Will we use it in our own general contracting business?
    • We don’t sell anything we won’t use in our own business. If we don’t believe in the products enough to use them ourselves, we won’t sell them to others. Our first hand experience provides us with technical knowledge that has proven invaluable to our customers.
  • Does it live up to the manufacturer’s promises?
    • When we use our products and equipment, we put them through their paces, testing them to see if they in fact work in practice as they have been described in 
  • Is the manufacturer a company we feel confident partnering with?
    • We place a high value on collaborative relationships with both our suppliers and our customers. It is important to us to partner with suppliers whose values are similar to our own, who we trust and who demonstrate commitment to their customers. 

Our company was preparing a proposal to construct new housing on a First Nations reserve in Northern Ontario. We needed to be able to produce concrete on site at this remote location. I contacted Delcor Equipment regarding their mobile concrete mixing equipment. They took the time to understand the scope of the project and provide me with several options. We ended up purchasing a Cart-Away MixKing trailered mixer. Delcor Equipment was helpful throughout the purchase process and arranged shipping. Everything arrived in good condition and on time, allowing us to take the trailer to the reserve over an ice road. I am very happy not only with the equipment but also the overall experience of doing business with Delcor Equipment. I expect we will purchase more equipment from them in the future.

Leigh Moncrief - Red Lake, ON